Who are the wanderers?

We are about 45 people on borad as on date coming from different walk of life, belonging to the age group 20 to 35. 

Some of us are even married with kids.  

It’s hard to describe the group but to give a fair idea we are a bunch of nice, sensible, intelligent people who have just one thing in common, passion for travelling and exploring. We are a very welcoming group. Anybody who have spent a few hours with us have gelled so well as if they have been friends for years. One would have to be with us to know us.

A little dissappointing fact is that the male Female ratio is low on Let’s Go and therefore we give special preference to girls when it comes to membership. 🙂

  1. I just read the blog…and i could instantly relate to it…i work for a travel company and i think there can be no better education than travelling… would love to know more about u guys…

    Cheers!!! peace

  2. Hello everyone………..
    I work in bangalore for a software company.Working for 5 days does become very tiring and frustrating
    I chose to write as i also share the passion for travelling and exploring
    i just love it ….
    My boyfriend and I are constantly on a look for getaways……
    We also believe that one who does not like to travel and explore does not know the true meaning of life!
    Life is all about exploring…and as somebody has rightly said “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page!”

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