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Membership to Let’s Go is open anybody with just one qualification….a true passion for travelling, passion coupled with sincerity, honesty, responsibility and maturity.

The Group is mainly hosted on Yahoo Groups, visit the home page to join.

Click to join letsgo05

Click to join letsgo05

Also join the Let’s Go community on

Twitter Twitter.com/LetsGo

Facebook http://www.facebook.com/LetsGo

Blog Let’s Go Wanderers

Flickr – “Memories Captured by Let’s Goers

For More Details pls mailto: letsgowanderers @ gmail.com

  1. Real Name : Milind Pappu
    Contact Details : 2E 204, DAFZA, PB 54392, Dubai
    Place : Dubai
    Profession: Manager, Nipro Middle East FZE
    Cam to know abt group through minglemix

    I travel lot of time to different parts of the world and i liked the concept of yahoo group of dieherd passionate travellers.
    My blog http://www.goggly.blogspot.com deals with my travel experiences

  2. Your Real Name:Kavitha Venkatesh
    Contact Details: R.T. Nagar, Bangalore
    Place where you are based: Bangalore
    What you do for a living: Software Engineer
    How did you come to know bout this group: I was just surfing the internet and landed here 🙂

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