The group guidelines have evolved with time as and when we have faced a crisis (read email wars). If we don’t follow them we are bound to face more cirisis. They are not exhaustive since we all are mature people and know what’s best for the group. Please read the guidelines in the right spirit.

Members are requested to give critical review of the guidelines and also give more constructive suggestions to the moderator at letsgowanderers@gmail.com


Membership Related

  • Participation in the discussion going on in the mailing list, casting of votes in the opinion polls, attendance polls etc. and an effort to attend the offline Meets is important to have a continued membership.
  • Members are requested to join the groups Flickr account and this blog.


Mailing list Related | The group’s yahoo mailing list is NOT moderated so Please adhere to the following guidelines.

  • Members are requested to be sincere to the cause of the group while choosing topics of discussion.

As the welcome message makes it very clear, this place is for backpacking although we do have occassional activities like movies and eat outs but please remember the purpose for which you had joined the group.

The discussion should mainly pertain to calling for, planning, suggesting, enquiring, sharing experience about backpacking trips, ideas and suggestions regarding new places, information and photographs about places we have visited or are going to visit etc.

However there is one exception to be availed which is with regard to important mails calling members to join for some noble cause or raising some social concern.

For within city outings shoot only one or two mails and mention it on your mail itself that anybody interested to join should get in touch with you on your personal email ID and not on the group mail. This way we won’t over load a fellow members mail box with mails related to issues he/she is not interested to join.

  • Members are requested to show maturity while initiating / responding to a discussion on the mailing list.

Please don’t indulge in needless arguments, debates, difference of opinions…if you have them discuss it off the list. While raising a concern regarding the group avoid taking names. Avoid personal attacks.

  • Be more responsible to your fellow member’s mail box.

Please restrict the mails in terms of quantity and quality. Whenever you feel the back and forth exchange of emails on a certain topic is going beyond control take the discussion off list. Be constructive with your membership on the list. Try to create a resource.


Trip related

Forthcoming events would be announced in beginning of each month.

Before each backpacking out of Delhi there would have to be, if circumstances permit, 3 offline Meetings.

In the Firts meeting all those who are interested in the event ‘should’turn up and those who are not up for the event they ‘may’ also turn up just to be a part of the group…or just to know the members.

The agenda of this first meeting would be to exchange all possible ideas,counter ideas, information, to have all the debates and discussions. By the end of it all we should be able to zero in on the exact date of the event, the estimated budget, the exact package for which we are going and the exact team of volunteers who would be responsible for all the arrangements and bookings etc. After this meeting no changes or further suggestion would be entertained from anyone no matter how good the suggestion might be.

The minutes of this meeting would be put up on the board for all. Incase other members who couldn’t make it to the meet happen to change their mind and join the trip they should express their interest on the mailing list.

The second meeting would preferably be held after a gap of 5-6 days from the first one so that the volunteers can gear themselves up for the arrangements. Before the second meeting the volunteers are also required to announce the exact amount of money that is required for any kind of booking.

The second meeting is mainly to collect the money and make a final list of participants. The date of this meeting is also the deadline for participation. No one would be allowed to participate in the event after this date. Since as we have learned from our past backpacking experience money becomes the major issue of controversy. All those who want to go have to under all circumstances attend the second meeting and hand over the money for booking the tickets. If a member cannot make it to the meet due to serious emergency he should at least hand over the money to someone else who is coming to the meeting and thereby confirm his participation.

Exceptions: If we are going by bus we need not do an advance reservation in that case money should not be issue. However a corpus would be created on this day itself and would be handed over to the treasurer.

The third meeting would essentially be an Icebreaker meeting. It can be a general chit chat, a cup of coffee and just knowing each other.

All the three meetings can be held either on the weekends or even on a weekday as per everybody’s convenience. Members are requested to respond promptly to all announcements in this regard on the mailing list.


Thanks for your patience

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