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Updates on Pondicherry Trip

In Events, Meets on August 9, 2007 at 5:13 am

The Lets Go Off line meet for ice breaking amongst the group going to Pondicherry on 17th is postponed and the venue is also changed. We now meeting on –

Date: 13th Aug Monday
Venue:Koshy, on St. Marks Road, Opp Bible society.
Time 6.30 pm

The trip has shaped up real well. Thanks to snig’s idea of putting it on this Flickr group based in Bangalore called “Bangalore Weekend Shots”.

So this trip is a joint trip by Let’s Go and BWS (although most of them have also joined Lets Go). All pls try to make it to the off line meet, its important.

Check out the Flickr link.
http://flickr. com/groups/ bangaloreweekend shoots/discuss/ 7215760109458810 7/

As of now confirmed members for the trip are as follows

People traveling from here on 17th

1. Snigdha
2. Sanjukta
3. Sunil
4. Vinayak
5. Lavanya
6. Ayan
7. Srividya
8. Anupama
9. Pradeep Dhingra (coming from Delhi)
10. Sukumar
11. Vinu
11 Vishal + friend

People joining us in Pondicherry

1. Prasoon ( Biking it )
2. Malvikaa + 2 Friend ( Might be driving down from Chennai)
3. Bharathi ( Joining us from Chennai )

So see you all on 13th


Trip to Pondicherry

In Events, Meets on July 18, 2007 at 11:01 am

Departure from Bangalore on 17th Aug 2007 Friday Late night at 11 pm and Arrival Bangalore 19th Aug Sunday late night.

We can take bus from KSRTC which leaves at 11 pm and would cost INR300/- for AC Volvo. Pondicherry is about 320 kms so we can assume a 6-8 hours drive.

The hotels there are also cheap and are available easily. We can get cycles on hire for 100/- and cycle around the city on Sat, 18thAug. and Check out the beaches on 19th Aug.

Places to see:-

1. The French and Dravidian architecture. Which we can see in the Churches and Chola temples.

2. French Institute of Pondicherry (IFP), It has gathered and preserved valuable ancient manuscripts like the Shaiva, a part of the UNESCO “Memory of the World” Collection

3. Get a feel of the culture by eating out at local joints.

Check out serene beaches

1. The Promenade, stretches about 1.5kms across the length of the Sea is well maintained (spotlessly clean) and has the sea on one side and several old colonial buildings (lighthouse, custom house, war memorial etc.) on the other. Early in the mornings and evenings, traffic to the beach road is restricted making it a walker’s paradise.

2. Karaikal Beach:-Sunrise- watchers can catch their magnificent view over the bay, with the pretty Arasalar river reaching out to the sea. Alternatively, you can canoe or kayak in picture-book surroundings. Have a round of beach volley ball. Or, armed with the angling gear, you can reel in a surprise.

The total budget should not exceed more than 1000 to 1500 at the maximum per person.

Members to confirm via mail. Non Members interested in joining write to letsgowanderers@gmail.com

Offline meet for Pondicherry trip:-

11th Aug, Sat, 5 pm at CCD MG Road.

13th Aug, Mon, 6.30 pm @ Koshy’s on St. Marks Road, Opp. Bible Society.

We R Meeting Today

In Meets on September 16, 2006 at 7:02 am

Ok this is tad late i know but still…

We are meeting today at 5.30 pm in Lodi Gardens. (Outside the gate which is on the Lodi Road just next to the entry to the Lodi Resturant. You can see the Gol gumbad standing from the gate)


1. Brainstorm, debate and discuss available options for forthcoming trips/events.

2. Scrutinize the Group guidelines, add and edit them as per group consensus. read them here http://letsgowander ers.wordpress. com/guidelines/

3. Let us Know each other over a cup of cofee
How to reach Lodi Garden (who doesn’t know Lodi Garden)

If you coming from INA side, lodi road is the first right turn after the safdurjung airport flyover. Once on lodi road keep your eyes on the left side and there is no way you’d miss the Lodi Garden gate.

If you coming from India Gate you’d be taking a left turn to be on Lodi road. Which left turn? I am not sure…

Coming from Nizamuddin Ashram side…..well. ..don’t come from that side take the ring road instead and come to INA and then follow the above directions.. …. arre its extremely popular a place…mil jaayega aaram se..

Call me (9811630391) or Amit (montu) Gupta – 9818272112 once you reach there. or even for navigation.

See you all.

Kakan be with us always

In Meets, Moderator Speak on September 16, 2006 at 6:55 am

Dear All,

The time is here to break the prolonged silence…a silence which must have been percieved in so many various ways by each one of you here…

It was a momentary break that we took… which I thought would soon be over by a brand new travelling plan…but destiny had a cruel laugh…a few of us were taken through such roads that we were left perplexed, shocked, scared and bewildered as to what to do… I, for one, preferred to remain silent for I didn’t know how long… but now its time to speak.

Recall the last Let’s Go trip that was discussed here…the trekking trip to Chandrasheela Tungnath…. on 11th August 06 4 members Snigdha, Amit Gupta 1 and 2 and Kakan left for the trek…on 16th August 06 only 3 of them returned having lost Kakan.

Somewhere near Rudra Prayag is Siyalsaur… there flows river Mandakini… on 14th August 2006 Kakan went swimming in the river… 3 other were sitting by the river bank. Suddenly they saw her being pulled in the middle of the river and then within few seconds she disappeared into the water… She was lost in the river, frantic search went on for 10 days…….. finally her body minus the soul was found near haridwar on 24th August where she was cremated.

I am yet to recover the loss of a dear friend and a member… still wonder if she would have ever made it to one such trip on her own…still wonder if it was me or destiny who introduced her to this group….the people with who she made the trip…still wonder if Lets Go is too risky a platform….

some said, “put a full stop to lets go, i decided to put a comma.” Let’s erase the comma now and say hello to roads again…

Kakan had joined us on May 25th this year. I knew her since 2003, we were coleagues at one time. She was just back from London (this March), where she was working, and was on a sabbatical she wanted to meet some exiting people, travel and live life to the fullest thus joined Let’s Go.

Those of you who have been following the mailing list must have read her messages on and off…. at a time when most of us were behaving quite immaturely on a flame war she posted one of the most sensible messages and gave positivity to the group. When this group was almost about to fall out she helped putting things back at the right place. She called me one of those evenings to tell me how to avoid these flame wars…She specialised in Child and adoloscent psychology.. .and had a knack of understanding human psychology on the whole.

I still can hear her voice, see her face, the last time we met at Amit’s place when I had the best party…

Its unfortunate that most of Lets go members couldn’t meet her…but those who have would know she was a real gem, she was like heaven’s fallen star, like an angel paying a short visit to us mortals… her charm and liveliness were unusual.

She had high views about Let’s Go. She was of the view that the group emails should be made viewable by non members since they can be a good resource pool for backpackers. About the flame war she advised me to do an editing of the message archive twice a month keeping only the resource ful mails and deleting the general chit chat ones….told me it’s ok if some people don’t respond to the group emails…”you should realise there are people who join the group to know more about backpacking and then make their own plans.”

Kakan was extremely ambitious, both in work and in personal life… She would have been the last person to see this group becoming silent and phasing away into oblivion…. ..

So we are back… I would be posting details of a fresh Let’s Go Meet tentatively on 16th of September… Let’s hear from all regarding your availibility. ..More to follow…

My tribute to Kakan.. http://sanjukta.wordpress.com/2006/08/24/119/

Let us all pray for her,
God Bless you Kakan, you’d be always be with us in our hearts.
May God give us all the strength to survive the loss…

Meet the New Members Meet

In Meets on June 15, 2006 at 12:47 pm

All that this group needs to get hyperactive is a little nudge… they just got it and we are back planning again. Lets go or not Go….. Lets plan for sure….. 😀

Lots of new wanderers joined the caravan…. those walking in the front need to turn back and meet those who joined the trail…

Next Saturday 24th June 2006
Lodhi Garden
5 pm

We shall meet the new and old members, shall know each other and plan for a forth coming trip hope fully in the 2nd weekend of July. Members Please mark your attendance in the comments box. For queries contact me – samyukta[underscore]basu[at]yahoo[dot]com

See you there

‘Plan Rafting Trip Meet’

In Meets on March 30, 2006 at 1:08 am

The second Meeting for Rafting trip to rishikesh was held on 25th March and was attended by just 4 members. Understandably, nothing constructive could be achieved except that 3 members who were only available on 1st and 2nd have decided to go ahead. With a participation of 3 (2 of them backed out the very minuite they realised it was only gonna be 3 of them and few non members as they prefer to go with the whole group as I write this post) out of approx 30 members this can by no means be called a Let’s Go event.

It seems the official Rafting event will only happen on 14th, 15th and 16th of April.

Here is a mail i just wrote to the group

Welcome aboard Antara…on behalf of all of us here…nevermind the flame war…this is a bunch of real nice people…trust me…you will have fun….

to know more about Antara go to http://www.ryze.com/go/Whatnxtdec

Guess my earnest request not to spam the everybody’s mailbox when your grievance is against just one falls to deaf ears……….people will resort to desperate measures to seek public support.

As has been always maintained by me, the Rafting event was supposed to be held on 1st and 2nd of April (luck is playing a big time april fool prank with the group) untill some members came up with some issues.

  1. Some of the members preferred to go on a 3 day weekend (14th april) instead of two day weekend.
  2. they were further of the opinion that a 3 day weekend would be more optimally utilised if we do some other activity rather than Rafting. However it was mutually agreed that the majority is in favour of rafting.
  3. Some members weren’t sure about their availability on any other weekend but 1st
  4. Few more said they would only go if xyz is also going

Looking at things I set up a poll to decide upon the date. Most members, particularly one, has been too disoriented to even cast a vote on the given 4 options. Poll result can be accessed by all via the groups Yahoo page.

Post poll and personal conversation with most of the members who have shown a slightest interest for the Rafting trip I can safely say the consensus is in favour of the third week that is 14th, 15th and 16th of April. <!–[if !supportEmptyParas]–> <!–[endif]–>

<!–[if !supportEmptyParas]–>I reiterate the Lets Go Rafting event is tentatively on 14th 15th and 16th of April. We have decided to go by the packaged suggested by Amit Gupta 1. <!–[endif]–>

We have the options of (i) 2 nights and 3 days (ii) 1 night and 2 days (iii) 1 night and 2 days with two rafting.

@ Rs. 2,800.00 Per Per Person ( for 2 nights and 3 days )
@ Rs. 1,350.00 Per Person ( for 1 night and 2 days)
@ Rs, 2,100.00 Per Person ( 1 night and 2 days with two rafting and extra Lunch)

Toyota Qualis
@ Rs. 5200.00 For 1 night and 2 days
@ Rs, 5500.00 <!–[if !supportEmptyParas]–>For 2 nights and 3 days <!–[endif]–>

For more details pls see link http://letsgowanderers.blogspot.com/2006/03/1st-meeting-for-rishikesh-trip.html<!–[if !supportEmptyParas]–> <!–[endif]–>

Personally I would like to make the trip in as little expense as possible…my main concern being Rafting and only rafting without bothering much about discomfort, hygiene, quality of food etc. My vote goes to the 2nd option @ Rs. 1350. <!–[if !supportEmptyParas]–>Rest I leave to the group. <!–[endif]–>

Also needful to mention, the above dates and the event on the whole is still tentative…coz of issues like last minute change of schedule at work, last minute outstation tour, uncertainty on part of a b c leading to cancellation of x y z etc. <!–[if !supportEmptyParas]–> <!–[endif]–>

So those interested may please speak up. We just have one weekend to take the final decision collect the payment and get the bookings done.

Yours Truely

PS. I hope the culprit has made herself clear…crystal clear.

Looking forward to a nice Rafting trip on the third week of April. Fingres crossed.

Holi bash/Rishikesh Plan

In Meets on March 17, 2006 at 10:21 am

All set and done.

Expected People: 14
Menu: Rice, Chapati, Mutton, Paneer, Chhole, Snacks etc
Time 18th March 6:30 onwards at Amit’s house in NOIDA
Agenda: Holi party, fun frolic, Bon fire, fix up a date for Rishikesh rafting with consensus.

Lets go Dutch with 150/- from everyone

1st Meeting for Rishikesh Trip

In Meets on March 12, 2006 at 1:36 am

Date: 12th March 2006, Sunday

Venue Delhi Haat, Nagaland Stall

Time: 6 pm.

Agenda: Come prepare with your ideas and suggestion…we’d build the
universe and then zero in on one. We shall stick to it and no further
suggestion would be entertained.

I would alredy be carrying the suggestions that has so far come up. 
They being... 
http://www.arounddelhi.com/rafting_rishikesh.htm suggested by Uncomonz 

suggested by Rakesh and supported by Amit Gupta2. 

Amit Gupta1 has his personal contacts regarding the trip. 
This is what his suggestion from personal experience 
we are waiting to hear more from him on the meeting
had been there last year as a part of a group of around 36 pp. The entire package included pickup and drop in Toyota Qualis... Breakfast at Chital between Delhi and Rishikesh. The camp site was at a placed called Byasi which was 28kms further from Rishikesh. The camp was at a riverbed of the Ganges.. A very beautiful place, can upload the photos if ppl want to have a look at them. We stayed there in Tents on the riverbed with the river flowing by, a lovely side with mountains on the other side of the river. Loos also in tents ppl, so be prepared. Food was taken are of by the adventure camp people.. Arrangements were very good... One day we did rafting for a stretch of 26 kms which included around 8 rapids of different levels.... Then, since we were staying by the river, we all had a dip in the river wearing life jacketsss.... Then, the next day we had river crossing, rock climing, trekking and some other activities.... All in all, a very good trip with very fond memories... So, everything was taken care of by the organizers.. The approx expenditure per person would be around Rs.2500-Rs.3000. I would get back to you on this in a day or two...


In Meets, This and That on March 6, 2006 at 11:07 am

1. Event: Holi Bash
2. Date: 18 March 2006 (Saturday) evening 6:30 onwards till 19th March 2006 (Sunday) Morning.
3. Venue: Amit Gupta’s House. NOIDA Sec. 21, Q-294.
4. Activities: Holi Party, Dinner, Music, Dance, Fun, Masti, folowed by Bon Fire in the night. Next day people leave in the morning.
5. Dress Code: Casual but bright (Holi Hai Bhai)
6. Contact Persons: Sanjukta (Moderator) 9811630391, Snigdha 9811454585, Amit 9818272112.

NOTE: Members are requested to confirm their availability to any of the contact persons or on the Poll set up in the letsgogroup page by 15 March 2006.
Addendum (dated 15th March 2006)

The poll for the Holi bash on 18th March evening will close in the evening today say around 7 or so.

Those of you who haven’t yet voted please do.
visit link to cast vote

About Food and Bonfire

We have tentatively planned for home cooked food, courtsey Amit’s house maid…. it would be final only when he is back from baroda…probably on thursday…….

As for now the plan is like this… that we pool in for the ingredients and also pay her (the cook) for the extra labour she’d put in. Let the menu be simple and easy on pocket. I suggest Chicken, Paneer, Dal, another seasonal vegetable, Rice and Salad and Gujiya (this we would buy from halwaai).

For Bonfire, we need to buy woods………have no idea how much that would come to …….. any body any idea please lemme know…….

Daaru and Smoke…….. to each his own.

We expect people to stay up all night but its safer to get some sort of bed sheets, and looking at the weather, some thing warm may be a shawl or a light blanket. While Amit’s place is big enough he may not have enough Bedding……….

Music……. we have our official laptop (Ramit are you listening) so get your fav CDs……..

Tambola/Housie……… if anybody have any of the two and you are willing to carry them please lemme know by 17th late evening…….so that otherwise we can buy it out of the pool………

Fund….. everybody please carry enough cash so that we can settle the expenses then and there only and not keep it pending……

What else…….lemme know if I’m forgetting something…..

Happy Holi guys………have fun……and do spare a few moments thinking about them who aint fortunate enough to celebrate the way we do and what can you do for them…….

Ice breaker Meet for Jim Corbett Trip

In Meets on February 21, 2006 at 10:33 pm

Having finally announced the group’s first trip to Jim Corbett, it is being felt by everybody that we need another ice breaker meet between the participants. It’s really important that you know who you travelling with. So here it is…

Event – Ice breaker Meet for Trip to Jim Corbett
Venue – Costo Cofee, CP, Outer Circle Near Nirulas
Date – 23rd February, Thursday
Time – 7 pm onwards
Pariticipation – Invited from those final members who are going to the trip.

Please Be there