Trip to Pondicherry

In Events, Meets on July 18, 2007 at 11:01 am

Departure from Bangalore on 17th Aug 2007 Friday Late night at 11 pm and Arrival Bangalore 19th Aug Sunday late night.

We can take bus from KSRTC which leaves at 11 pm and would cost INR300/- for AC Volvo. Pondicherry is about 320 kms so we can assume a 6-8 hours drive.

The hotels there are also cheap and are available easily. We can get cycles on hire for 100/- and cycle around the city on Sat, 18thAug. and Check out the beaches on 19th Aug.

Places to see:-

1. The French and Dravidian architecture. Which we can see in the Churches and Chola temples.

2. French Institute of Pondicherry (IFP), It has gathered and preserved valuable ancient manuscripts like the Shaiva, a part of the UNESCO “Memory of the World” Collection

3. Get a feel of the culture by eating out at local joints.

Check out serene beaches

1. The Promenade, stretches about 1.5kms across the length of the Sea is well maintained (spotlessly clean) and has the sea on one side and several old colonial buildings (lighthouse, custom house, war memorial etc.) on the other. Early in the mornings and evenings, traffic to the beach road is restricted making it a walker’s paradise.

2. Karaikal Beach:-Sunrise- watchers can catch their magnificent view over the bay, with the pretty Arasalar river reaching out to the sea. Alternatively, you can canoe or kayak in picture-book surroundings. Have a round of beach volley ball. Or, armed with the angling gear, you can reel in a surprise.

The total budget should not exceed more than 1000 to 1500 at the maximum per person.

Members to confirm via mail. Non Members interested in joining write to letsgowanderers@gmail.com

Offline meet for Pondicherry trip:-

11th Aug, Sat, 5 pm at CCD MG Road.

13th Aug, Mon, 6.30 pm @ Koshy’s on St. Marks Road, Opp. Bible Society.

  1. Accurate departure times can also be found at KSRTC web page also.

    Bus services from across India is covered on the entire website.


  2. Hey, Tickets already booked??? When r u goin to confirm the final count of people?

  3. Tickets not done yet. The thing is if most can travel in 2 cars from Bangalore and just 1 or 2 are extra then those 2 can travel by bus instead of hiring a cab..as bus would come cheaper…. and bus ticket we need to book ASAP…

    About hotel Booking: I have not thought of anything…guess will figure out once there… but if any of you can take the responsibility of booking hotels…I don’t mind. However we need to keep budget the mind while booking the hotel. Let’s Go trips are made in shoestring budget and comfort is never the priority.

    As past experience goes, advance bookings create lot of complications.. either you schedule one day for collecting the money or u pay on other’s behalf…last min drop outs won’t like to pay up and you can’t force them either… backpacking is best done impromptu…

    Will finalize something today

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