[Let’s Go Bangalore] Trip to Kumbakonam

In Events on March 28, 2007 at 2:43 pm

We are making our first trip to a place called Kumbakonam in Tamil Nadu. We have previously posted information regarding this place. Members can go through the message archive to find them.

The first trip of Lets Go [Bangalore]

Date: 30th March 07 (Friday).

We would leave by train in the evening We would leave from Bangalore Cantonment station at 6.30 pm and would return the same station on 2nd April Early morning around 5.

A total of 6 travellers are going to be on this trip.


Train tickets to and from Kumbakonam have been booked and has costed each one of us Rs. 500/- approximately.

Rest of the expenses are very unpredictable, eg. the local taxi fare from one village to another around kumbakonam, the stay and food. But whatever it is it should not go beyond Rs. 1700 to 2000.

We are really exited bout this trip and hope to have a rocking time. Once we are back we’d put up the pics.

  1. Itz a beatuiful place

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