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In Events, Moderator Speak on March 28, 2007 at 2:41 pm

Hi People,

I feel happy to tell you all that let’s go is growing each day with membership request pouring in. I can no longer keep track of each member, the membership is no longer restricted to delhi based travellers, and i no longer wait for the proposed members to first give all information and then allow the membership.. . so many of your membership have been allowed even though i didn’t get a reply to the automated file ‘before membership’.

Another reason behind this leniency, is that, I understand female members wanting to join the group wouldn’t be very comfortable giving out their phone numbers and real name etc. they would probably first want to join the group and then see if they can trust the other members of not.

Bole to mudde ki baat ye hai (the point is that) membership to Let’s Go has now become more easy and it is more of an open group now.

Members are more free to exchange ideas amogst themselves, they are particulary requested to take more initiative in arranging group events, outings etc. The bangalore chapter sure would be seeing a lot of activities this year.

For Delhi Chapter I personally request Santa and Paddy (they have formal names also, Santosh and Pradeep…eek they are so boring in formals) to take charge. Paddy ji kuch ghode shode dauraiye to sahi… santa ji kuch chidia shidia uraaiye to sahi…. 🙂

The most important point that all the members need to remember is that you all are moderators here so just be yourself and don’t bother to wait for any kinds of permission.. . bole to bindaas bol 😀


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