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Event: Lansdowne

In Events on December 29, 2006 at 1:28 pm

Final Schedule, budget and Participation for the Lansdowne trip.

Trip Dates 31st Dec 06 to 2nd Jan 07

Head Count: 7

Budget (approximate)

Lansdowne is 233km from delhi, so a round trip including pickup & drop to every person & some other sightseeing, lets put the km that would be travelled to 680km. so approximately, the expenses would be:

Car: Rs.4720
Food: Rs.700
Accomodation: Rs.4000
Contingency: Rs.100

So the approximate total comes to Rs.10420. considering that the 5 of us are going, the (approximate) cost per head would come out Rs.2084.

Accomodation: Anand Retreat (http://www.dancewithshadows.com/lansdowne/about.htm )

31st Dec – Sunday

Morning – Leave for Lansdowne
Afternoon – Lunch in Lansdowne
Evening – General walk and look around
Late evening till mid night – bon fire and stuffs
1st Jan – Monday

Morning – Tarkeshwar Mahadev Temple
Lunch – somewhere on the way or we take packed lunch
Noon – Kanvashram* & Sahasradhara Falls
Evening – Snow View & Tiffin Top
Late Evening – walk around in lansdowne
2nd Jan

Morning – [undecided yet]
Afternoon – Start for Delhi, reach by late

Average temperature this time of the year in Lansdowne is around 2-3 degree celsius. Once should carry proper wollens, gloves and head gear is a must besides the usual backpack. Legends about Lansdowne is quite interesting. You have this kanvashram The legend says that at this Ashram, Menaka seduced Vishwamitra & their daughter Shakuntala was born who grew up in Kanva rishi’s care & then married Hastinapur’s King Dushyanta & gave birth to the forefather of this nation, King Bharat. The Sahasradhara Falls are near this ashram in the forest. The legend also says that during the times of
Dushyanta & Shakuntala these falls were of milk