Spur of the moment trips

In Resource Center on October 29, 2006 at 1:37 pm

Some spur of the moment trips suggested by Paddy aka Pradeep Dhingra

Hello! Lets Go!!!

Continuing with the spur of the momenet day trip suggestions – here goes

1. Sultanpur Bird Century in Gurgaon Dist.

2. Damdama Lake offers Rock Climbing’s etc etc.

Bored! Already done that?? What’s Paddy talking about! LOL! Well! lets see if u all know about your own Delhi’s Ridge??

3. A cool Jungle walk in Saddi Dilli’s President Estate owned Jungle next to Talkatora Stadium – Can be organised by prior permission by the authorities. Its a small jungle with natural and man made horse trails. Worth a morning walk and breakfast at nearby Gol Market.

4. Exploring the ridge jungles opp. Maurya Sheraton that goes past the Raj Rifles Firing Ranges – Be careful as they practice on Sundays too. This jungle walk will bring you to Pusa Institute if you do not wish to come back to Maurya for Lunch. Walk through the
natural and man made horse trails. Experience the flora n fauna and beware of the snakes specially the ones on the trees. Don’t worry I know the place fairly well as well as the snakes. You require only water ( read beer) bottles and some snacks.

Lets Go! Mates!!!



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