We R Meeting Today

In Meets on September 16, 2006 at 7:02 am

Ok this is tad late i know but still…

We are meeting today at 5.30 pm in Lodi Gardens. (Outside the gate which is on the Lodi Road just next to the entry to the Lodi Resturant. You can see the Gol gumbad standing from the gate)


1. Brainstorm, debate and discuss available options for forthcoming trips/events.

2. Scrutinize the Group guidelines, add and edit them as per group consensus. read them here http://letsgowander ers.wordpress. com/guidelines/

3. Let us Know each other over a cup of cofee
How to reach Lodi Garden (who doesn’t know Lodi Garden)

If you coming from INA side, lodi road is the first right turn after the safdurjung airport flyover. Once on lodi road keep your eyes on the left side and there is no way you’d miss the Lodi Garden gate.

If you coming from India Gate you’d be taking a left turn to be on Lodi road. Which left turn? I am not sure…

Coming from Nizamuddin Ashram side…..well. ..don’t come from that side take the ring road instead and come to INA and then follow the above directions.. …. arre its extremely popular a place…mil jaayega aaram se..

Call me (9811630391) or Amit (montu) Gupta – 9818272112 once you reach there. or even for navigation.

See you all.

  1. I wonder again what is happening to this group…it doesn’t seem to be working out at all

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