Kakan be with us always

In Meets, Moderator Speak on September 16, 2006 at 6:55 am

Dear All,

The time is here to break the prolonged silence…a silence which must have been percieved in so many various ways by each one of you here…

It was a momentary break that we took… which I thought would soon be over by a brand new travelling plan…but destiny had a cruel laugh…a few of us were taken through such roads that we were left perplexed, shocked, scared and bewildered as to what to do… I, for one, preferred to remain silent for I didn’t know how long… but now its time to speak.

Recall the last Let’s Go trip that was discussed here…the trekking trip to Chandrasheela Tungnath…. on 11th August 06 4 members Snigdha, Amit Gupta 1 and 2 and Kakan left for the trek…on 16th August 06 only 3 of them returned having lost Kakan.

Somewhere near Rudra Prayag is Siyalsaur… there flows river Mandakini… on 14th August 2006 Kakan went swimming in the river… 3 other were sitting by the river bank. Suddenly they saw her being pulled in the middle of the river and then within few seconds she disappeared into the water… She was lost in the river, frantic search went on for 10 days…….. finally her body minus the soul was found near haridwar on 24th August where she was cremated.

I am yet to recover the loss of a dear friend and a member… still wonder if she would have ever made it to one such trip on her own…still wonder if it was me or destiny who introduced her to this group….the people with who she made the trip…still wonder if Lets Go is too risky a platform….

some said, “put a full stop to lets go, i decided to put a comma.” Let’s erase the comma now and say hello to roads again…

Kakan had joined us on May 25th this year. I knew her since 2003, we were coleagues at one time. She was just back from London (this March), where she was working, and was on a sabbatical she wanted to meet some exiting people, travel and live life to the fullest thus joined Let’s Go.

Those of you who have been following the mailing list must have read her messages on and off…. at a time when most of us were behaving quite immaturely on a flame war she posted one of the most sensible messages and gave positivity to the group. When this group was almost about to fall out she helped putting things back at the right place. She called me one of those evenings to tell me how to avoid these flame wars…She specialised in Child and adoloscent psychology.. .and had a knack of understanding human psychology on the whole.

I still can hear her voice, see her face, the last time we met at Amit’s place when I had the best party…

Its unfortunate that most of Lets go members couldn’t meet her…but those who have would know she was a real gem, she was like heaven’s fallen star, like an angel paying a short visit to us mortals… her charm and liveliness were unusual.

She had high views about Let’s Go. She was of the view that the group emails should be made viewable by non members since they can be a good resource pool for backpackers. About the flame war she advised me to do an editing of the message archive twice a month keeping only the resource ful mails and deleting the general chit chat ones….told me it’s ok if some people don’t respond to the group emails…”you should realise there are people who join the group to know more about backpacking and then make their own plans.”

Kakan was extremely ambitious, both in work and in personal life… She would have been the last person to see this group becoming silent and phasing away into oblivion…. ..

So we are back… I would be posting details of a fresh Let’s Go Meet tentatively on 16th of September… Let’s hear from all regarding your availibility. ..More to follow…

My tribute to Kakan.. http://sanjukta.wordpress.com/2006/08/24/119/

Let us all pray for her,
God Bless you Kakan, you’d be always be with us in our hearts.
May God give us all the strength to survive the loss…


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