Chandresheela Tungnath Trek

In Resource Center on August 7, 2006 at 1:49 pm

Yogesh aka uncomonz continues giving us more information on the Chandrasheela Tungnath Trek..

Carry as many clothes u want if u going in a cab from delhi…even otherwise u can always leave ur stuff at chopta(with some shopkeepr/hotelwala) – the base where from the trek starts….. What is usually advised for treks is to carry say abt 2 trackpants/cargos and more of t shirts & innerwears.

The total duration of the trek is one full day (with a nightstay at the tungnath temple)….would start say 10-11 am on one day and would end around the afternoon of the second day.

The only place you might not get water for bathing et all is when ur at the tungnath temple.( lest if the ice next to the temple has still not melted ) …otherwise u shud get hot water everywhr…..so crrying say two/3 cargos/tracks and as many t shirts shud do u well….(this though is for the whole trip)

The nights would be cold and so it is advised to carry a warm innerwear. Also a good alternative to sleeping bags shud be to carry a blanket or 2 that could be used on the top of the blankets provided at the temple…..

One last word of caution if about the rains….but lets leave that to the God’s dice…if it rains so be it….but do carry a jacket/sweater for some part of the journey(usually the afternoon of the trek & the morning climb to chandrashila top) for the rest u wud not need it… Walk with as less load possible , so u cud leave all ur stuff at chopta less
the stuff needed for the trek…..which could be a pair of clothes and/or innerwear to change..blankets/sleeping bag, warm innerwear and some medicines…and perhaps a jacket….Also check for availability of drinking water at the temple top…..My advise just carry as less load possible to make the journey least taxing as the oxygen becomes thin after a while and the climb a lil steep….

for the itenary……i am sure u wud have read https://letsgowanderers.wordpress.com/2006/08/01/eventchandrasheela-tungnath-tre\

Would advise to make some initial bookings with GMVN as the weekend is an extended one and all would be wanting to travel then….. for anything more….just pour in anymore mails……..but but ….. some planning is good while backpacking but too much of it spoils the adventure……….. Leave some suprises and adventures for fun !!


  1. Have heard of a trek route from Tunganath to Rudranath? If there is such a route, how long is it? What if I am travelling alone? How do I go about the whole thing? What bus to take from Rishikesh to Chopta? Where to stay? Dont want to stay at a guest house or such like. Plan to visit the place in September.

    Pls advise.


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