[Event]Chandrasheela Tungnath Trek

In Events on August 1, 2006 at 6:23 am

Here is announcing the next Lets Go event. Every single issue has been dealt in great detail by Yogesh aka Uncomonz and he has shot a mail on the yahoo list… am reproducing his mail in verbatim here… Please respond on list or on the comments section.

Day 0 – Friday Night

Take 4041 Mussorie Exp 20.45 (Sleeper-Rs. 151 / 3rd AC – Rs. 394 ) and reach Haridwar around 5.35 AM next day….

Day 1 – Saturday

Then we take a shared jeep (Rs 100-150) from Haridwar to Rudraprayag – 165 Kms/ 5 hrs . We stop enroute at Devprayag for abolution/breakfast. Devprayag is a picturesque confluence of alaknanda & bhagirathi , a place to just sit and bask in sun . Devprayag is about 100kms ?? from Haridwar..about halfway to Rudraprayag.

After having lunch at Devprayag, we can exercise one of the following 2 options :

  1. Reach Okhimath & stay at the GMVN Rest house (Dormatory-Rs100/ Rooms 300 & upwards ). I have stayed at this place and it is at a good location with some great views. we can have a small bonfire in the night and just relax.
  2. Reach Chopta ( 2800 mts/ 84oo feets) – the point where the trek starts. Stay overnight at some lodge thr.(Not sure of the price but it should not be more than 200-300). Now I am not sure till when would we get a taxi to go from okhimath to Chopta (starting point of the trek). This could only be exercised we we have the option to travel else we stay at Okhimath’s GMVN.

If we exercise the first option, we have to take the early morning bus to chopta the starting point of the trek on friday. This is a 2 hour journey with some great views.

Day 2 – Sunday

Start early and trek 3.5 kms /3-4 hrs ,to reach the temple of Tungnath. After lunch we get into into some hut/basic lodge and rest for some time. In the afternoon have tea and then explore the area around….Loads of bugiyals to walk and meditate. We oversee the great peaks of Himalaya- Mount Kedar, chaukahmba, Trishul etc a feast for someone wanting to be oneself and nature.

Day 3- Monday

Wake up early in the morning around 4.30 to catch the the blissful sunrise at the Chandrashila hilltop. This involves another half a km of trekking. This perhaps would be the most taxing of the whole journey. Because of the lack of oxygen this would be done at at very easy pace. The golden sunrise behind Nanda Devi peak is just the sight to seek for. We be there for sometime and then return back to tungnath temple for breakfast.

After breakfast we start our climb down which would take about 2-2.5 hours. We still have half a day left that we would utilise to cover a part of our journey back. We would stay at some riverside GMVN guesthouse. This is the time to just bang have some music…booze if people want & @#(*!^@# depending on people’s individual preferene to each other (this would be moderated | moderator speak :D)

Day 4 – Tuesday

Reach Haridwar intime to catch the Dehradun Shatabdi train (6.10 PM /AC Chaircar – 500) back to Delhi( 22.45). We can utilise the day for stopping enroute at Rishikesh or Haridwar,visit the temples, have bath in ganges to refresh, take the ropeway or just idle around…

I might want to throw in the option of river rafting on Sunday for 4-5 hours. But this would be too taxing and also would involve us to make bookings in advance. Also would increase the cost of the trip by a few hundreds. While back have food on the train and be back in Delhi around 11 to rest & catch office next day.

Some do’s dont:

Carry as less luggage as possible if we are taking the public transport.Carry some very good sun screen as it would be very high around 4000 mts (13000 feets) Maybe some option/swiming costumes so as to be able to bathe in the ganges. No booze please while onward journey. Some sleeping bags if people have any – just good to have. Start brisk walking for some time two weeks in advance to acclimatise. The trek is not any taxing but would need everybody to be in a good physical shape.

Apart we would need some small things such as torches, medicines, a blanket each if thrs no sleeping bag,woolen jacket, a pullover, some warm innerwear as the temperature would be very low while our stay at the temple etc.

We might decide to go in a taxi all the way. But this would be too taxing in terms of driving all the way for about 12-14 hours. Also would cost us more. Though it also gives us ample felxibilty and opens additional options to go and enjoy. I would personally prefer taking the train as its more relaxing comfortable and gives us option to sleep.

Total money= Rs 1700-2000 & time 4 days.

  1. Good information and quite accurate. It will be better if a list of birds can also be given which one is likely to come across from Chopta to Tungnath.


    Suresh C Sharma

  2. Hi,
    I and my friends are planning a trek to chandrashila.
    Can you share a few details like where did you stop to freshen up in devprayag,where did you stay in chopta and how did you travel from devprayag to chopta?

  3. @Poached Salmon:
    we stopped at GMVN to freshen up at Devprayag. we did not stay in chopta, we stayed overnight at Tungnath. and we travelled from delhi to chopta by car, stopping at Ukhimath in the GMVN Guest House. If you can read & understand hindi, you can read my travelogue of Tungnath trip here.

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