Kalsi trip : Final

In Events, This and That on July 13, 2006 at 1:54 pm


We are doing the bookings in Dak Patthar which is 10 kms before Kalsi. I think 3 double rooms would be enough as we are 7 people 100% confirmed so far.

4 guys can adjust in 2 double rooms and we 3 girls can adjust in one double room… if 2 – 3 people more, say amit verma, abhishek bhawsar, santosh, can make it at the last minuite then also it should not be a problem…….

So 3 Non AC double rooms (Rs. 600) For one day. That will cost us around Rs 300/- per head or may be a little more than that. The car would cost around Rs. 7000/-. So that would be around Rs. 1000/- per head. Overall the trip should be comfortably done in maximum Rs.1700-1800/-

How do we move:

The check in / out times are 12 pm. We would reach Dak patthar quite early in the morning. Would have break fast and get freshen up in a dhaba (they have toilets too) if they allow us to check in before 12pm but not charge for two days we woud do that (delhi office that much adjustment can be done) othewise we’d take a round of Kalsi, take a walk along the river or see the ashoke edict and check in at lunch time…

Same day evening we can think of goin for a night trek provided the weather allows. Everybody carry torch and candles. Sunday can be planned on saturday night ……. lots of options are available…….


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