Meet the New Members Meet

In Meets on June 15, 2006 at 12:47 pm

All that this group needs to get hyperactive is a little nudge… they just got it and we are back planning again. Lets go or not Go….. Lets plan for sure….. 😀

Lots of new wanderers joined the caravan…. those walking in the front need to turn back and meet those who joined the trail…

Next Saturday 24th June 2006
Lodhi Garden
5 pm

We shall meet the new and old members, shall know each other and plan for a forth coming trip hope fully in the 2nd weekend of July. Members Please mark your attendance in the comments box. For queries contact me – samyukta[underscore]basu[at]yahoo[dot]com

See you there

  1. Hi Samyukta I am new to this group and this city too. How will I identify you all in Lodi garden because I have heard that Lodi Gaden is a big Place.

  2. who are you in the first place.. How would we identify each other if we dont know who to expect… secondly since yours is the only confirmation that I have got so far.. that too I dont know who is confirming I am not too sure bout the Meet itself…. My no is there on the group’s database..

  3. Do we have a similar event lined up next. please count me in …–>

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