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1. Event: Holi Bash
2. Date: 18 March 2006 (Saturday) evening 6:30 onwards till 19th March 2006 (Sunday) Morning.
3. Venue: Amit Gupta’s House. NOIDA Sec. 21, Q-294.
4. Activities: Holi Party, Dinner, Music, Dance, Fun, Masti, folowed by Bon Fire in the night. Next day people leave in the morning.
5. Dress Code: Casual but bright (Holi Hai Bhai)
6. Contact Persons: Sanjukta (Moderator) 9811630391, Snigdha 9811454585, Amit 9818272112.

NOTE: Members are requested to confirm their availability to any of the contact persons or on the Poll set up in the letsgogroup page by 15 March 2006.
Addendum (dated 15th March 2006)

The poll for the Holi bash on 18th March evening will close in the evening today say around 7 or so.

Those of you who haven’t yet voted please do.
visit link to cast vote

About Food and Bonfire

We have tentatively planned for home cooked food, courtsey Amit’s house maid…. it would be final only when he is back from baroda…probably on thursday…….

As for now the plan is like this… that we pool in for the ingredients and also pay her (the cook) for the extra labour she’d put in. Let the menu be simple and easy on pocket. I suggest Chicken, Paneer, Dal, another seasonal vegetable, Rice and Salad and Gujiya (this we would buy from halwaai).

For Bonfire, we need to buy woods………have no idea how much that would come to …….. any body any idea please lemme know…….

Daaru and Smoke…….. to each his own.

We expect people to stay up all night but its safer to get some sort of bed sheets, and looking at the weather, some thing warm may be a shawl or a light blanket. While Amit’s place is big enough he may not have enough Bedding……….

Music……. we have our official laptop (Ramit are you listening) so get your fav CDs……..

Tambola/Housie……… if anybody have any of the two and you are willing to carry them please lemme know by 17th late evening…….so that otherwise we can buy it out of the pool………

Fund….. everybody please carry enough cash so that we can settle the expenses then and there only and not keep it pending……

What else…….lemme know if I’m forgetting something…..

Happy Holi guys………have fun……and do spare a few moments thinking about them who aint fortunate enough to celebrate the way we do and what can you do for them…….

  1. directions to the place would be very much appreciated for people like me who don’t know the place.

    I’ll be coming(if I come) from the ring road via South Ex.

  2. wud love to be there

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