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In Moderator Speak on February 28, 2006 at 12:06 am

I started the Lets Go group purely for selfish reasons. I wanted to travel around but never had a proper company so I thought how about having a group of similarly placed travel freaks…Group was formed but the travel didn’t happen untill last week, 4 months since it started, may be because the first few members who I thought were similarly placed weren’t really similarly placed. By December I personally kind of stopped writing to the group due to lack of active participation. I didn’t know what to do with the group. And then this new kids joined the group and everything changed. Thanks to all those new bees for putting back life in this group with their overwhelming enthusiasm for the Jim Corbett trip. You people planned and executed an excellent trip in which I just had fun. Here goes my personal thanks to all….

Thanks to Vibhor and his Uncle’s family in Ramnagar. A warm traditional welcome proving every letter of the phrase “atithi devo bhava” true was waiting for us at the home of Vibhor’s Uncle, who picked us up early in the morning from RamNagar Station. We went their home, got freshen up had a grand traditional breakfast. Uncle and his family extended their warmth till the time we boarded the train back to Delhi.

It’s unbelievable how a bunch of guys (us) who were just virtual IDs couple of weeks back were getting along so well as if we were friends for ages. It was unbelievable the amount of love and care a family can show to a group of complete stranger us. And then they say Internet isn’t really the place to meet people.

Thanks to Amit for joining the group and also getting Vibhor on board.

Thanks Monica for joining, the trip wouldn’t have been the same in your absence and thanks for getting Ramit on board.

Thanks to Abhishek for all the efforts he had put in arranging the trip and getting Monica back on the trip.

Thanks to Ramit for bringing glamour to the trip with his laptop and his high funda photo download upload and ‘all that Jazz’…

Thanks Yogesh for just being who you are, for sticking around the group throughout its dormancy

Finally thanks to Snigdha, for taking the initiative of arranging the trip…we had so much fun sharing our secret school time jokes

You all gave me a trip I was waiting for so so very long…

  1. Thanks to you Sanju for being a part of this trip and trying to make the group stick together. It was a trip worth remembering for a long long time. I hope we have more of such trips…..

    Take care..

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