Corbett Uncle: Shukria by Snigdha

In Travel Writeup on February 28, 2006 at 9:16 am

I wanted to go out of Delhi…and it all started as a discussion, but I was praying continuously that it should not end just like any other discussion. Thankfully it did not. It was taking shape with each mail, with each meet, with each passing day, it was taking its shape. And finally we were all set to go. Initially 10 of us finally 8 of us. Friday 24th Feb 2006 evening at 22:45, we were to board Ranikhet Express from Old Delhi station. Most of us had attended the office but all of us were looking forward to the evening.
So we all boarded the train. Yogesh was the first one to reach the station, I was second followed by the rest. The train trip was also fun. Men drinking, women feeling sleepy. Passengers getting disturbed. Then we got disturbed with Ramit’s snoring.
Next Day at 05:45 we reach Ram Nagar and it was cold out there. We got picked up by Vibhor’s Uncle and cousin Tarun who took us to their big home, where people had even bigger hearts. We were made to feel at home at once. After Tea, hot water bath followed by a gala breakfast of pakora, lobia, dal, kachori, jalebi it was time for us to lets go.

Half of us were in Gypsy and the rest were in Geep. And through out the way, the men had all the fun because their Gypsy was more comfortable, secondly since they were ahead of us, they saw all the good things first.

We entered Corbett, and the signals were gone from the cells. It was a different world. Nature with all its special effects. The sound, the sight, the smell, everything was so different. So out of this world. Jungle has its own map, its own roads, its own geography, and terrain. Its captivating under the sun light and haunting under the moon. Its a place where one has to follow and trust its instinct to survive. Its a place where you just have to rely on your 5 senses and your 6th sense to live. In cities we take our instinct and senses for granted but I you want to feel it you gotta be here. Its here you realize, that man is not the only creature on earth, and this earth is not just a home for humans. Its a place on earth where you would realize, life is not just internet, job, parties, cell phones, its much more than that, its about living close to nature, with nature and its signals and hints.
The sound of rippling water, the sound of rustling leaves, the sound of an insect, the sound of leaves falling, the sound air moving, the sound of silence. The feel of breeze, the feel of pebbles under your feet. The sight of frightened monkey, shy deer, flowing water, sky scattered with stars, the noise of our vehicles, all of this mixed with chitchatting of friends, laughter, jokes, careless conversation, aimless gaze, carefree attitude, reckless drinking, ruthless sleeplessness, eardrums crashing snores……all of this I got to find it here. It was loud and clear from God saying I EXIST.
There were not enough rain this year so the river was not full, it was a signal for all of us to behave..before its too late..and we are left alone on this earth without such places any more.
The elephant safari was also great. We went inside the core area of the Jungle but unfortunately could not sight a tiger contrary to our room mates Ken and his buddy from Manchester. Though we could spot pug marks. We stayed in a dormitory in Dhikala and it reminded me of the movie, “Life is Beautiful” because of the bunk beds. We were most of the time accompanied by monkeys and a huge Sambar deer inside the Dhikala complex. The deer infact stood right outside our room door the next morning and I fed him a Marie biscuit.
Saturday Night Fever: How can we forget our Saturdays, so Saturday night was a party night with booze, songs, music, which ended with some special effects and nice vocabulary (censored).
All in all it was a great fun, an experience which can not be captured within 26 letters of English or any other language of this world. I can just say, Its not just a planet, its our home….and I do not want to leave my home…

Sunday night we boarded the train to Delhi, and I just wanted this trip never to end. But life goes on…its going on even in Corbett..it will go on in Delhi too…it was going for those who did not join…but there is a difference…we have come back with an experience…and life seems great…everywhere… for us. We thank God, he called us to Corbett so that he could show us..a piece of his painting….and we are all waiting to see some more of his paintings. The journey shall continue till we see the Master piece.

  1. corbett is sure fun,,and the untouched jungle just takes the breath away 🙂

  2. ur right Snidgdha, we had a ball of a time, hope to go to more of such trips in the near future…..

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