what should you carry in the back pack

In Resource Center on February 24, 2006 at 6:55 am

Most relevant parts of the Mail originally posted by Ramit on the Yahoo Group Mailing List…

#1) A corpus of money is being created, wherein upfront each of the 8 members will deposit Rs 1000 with me, when we meet at 2130 Hrs at Old Delhi Station Enquiry today evening. So thereafter all the spendingrequired for the grp will be done by me. This is apart from the Rs 270 that needs to be given to Snigdha for the train tkts, by whoever hasnt yet met & paid Snigdha. Also note that since ATMs are scare there, we also suggest each of us to have spare cash of Rs 1000 separately with ourselves, as a backup.

#2) Weather at Corbett is warm through the day, so suggestion is light wear like T-shirts,slacks etc. For the nights,though a lightwollen jacket will be sufficient. In the train it may be chilly as we will be travelling in the nite, so all are advised to have a Bedsheet & shawl or covering sheet for the train.

#3) Following items come to my mind which are very essential in each of our backpacks but its upto each individual what he/she wants to finally bring along:
– Good pair of walking shoes
– Flashlight (whoever has extra pls bring it)
– Candles & matchstick
– Common medicines like Dispirin, Pudin Hara, Gelusil, Vicks Action
500 , Boroline(basically anti-septic creams)& any other common type
medicine ppl may have at their homes
– Women need to carry their own personal hygiene products
– Soap, Toothpaste, Towels, shampoos, combs
– Min 2 pairs of Socks
– 2 sets of clothes
– Bathroom slippers
– Sunglasses
– hats/caps
– fav music CDs if any, we have a Laptop to play it.

#4) Each one is getting his/her own stock of Liquor and Smoke. So dont miss on your unique brands if you want them since, the only liquor vend at ramnagr doesnt even stock smirnoff etc…also specific brands of ciggaretes should be carried from delhi

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