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In Moderator Speak on February 24, 2006 at 2:09 pm

The first backpacking has taken its toll on couple of members of the group and some good friends. Like all event planning this one too met with ego clashes, unnecessary assumptions, over drawn conclusions, personal differences, flaming messages, pissed off moods frustrated outburts etc. The result, Monica, Sundeep, Kreeti and Asheeth left the group.

As announced we had the Final Jim Corbett Ice Breaker Meet where 6 of the original 10 participants including Monica met up. We managed to sort out our differences. Best part is Monica has joined the group back and is now ready looking forward to the trip. I realize the root cause of all clashes was the fact that to most of us here, company is more important than the journey, which is not totally wrong…sometimes a good company can make a boring journey memorable…

As a moderator I failed to manage the group, I failed to moderate the flame wars. I learned a few things may be at the cost of hurting Asheeth, here is my sincere apologies to him…As members the guys were too impulsive, impatient they reacted at every small issue, people took decisions at the spur of the moment.

All’s well that ends well… let’s see how the trip ends… Kreeti and Asheeth having dropped out the 8 of us are all set to leave tonight, but as I said on the mailing list, nothing is certain but death. So we never know unless we board the train…

To those who left the group if any day you feel like joining back you are welcome.

Wait for the updates…and pics

The show must go on

  1. Sanjukta and all others at Let’s go….

    For the record, my decision to leave the group has nothing personal against anyone and is not a decision influenced by any individual.

    I must once again congratulate Abhhishek, Vibhor and Snighda for their effort and contribution.

    If anything my reservations is against the selective releasing/holding of posts in a manner which would definitely enflame an already controversial issue in order to please personal friendships..

    An oft repeated phrase is “uneasy is the head that wears the crown”…and it is so, because any power vested in an individual must be used discriminatingly and without prejudice or bias.

    I cannot be part of a group where a member is allowed to launch personal attack on another. And it is the responsibility of the moderator to do that. Individuals who are involved in their own lives, with scant regard to the circumstances and decisions of others cannot and should be kept at bay…even if they are good friends of the moderator.

    I disagree with Sanjukta when she says its ok to travel with people who bore you, or you are uncomfortable with.

    I can and choose to travel with friends and those who deserve my friendship.

    Best of luck to the group…I am sure as it matures…it would become a nice group…but unfortunately, during this process of maturity a lot of members would come and go…unless the moderator learns a lesson from this episode.

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